02 July 2015

me as a high school senior

While visiting old friends in Arkansas last week, I found this old photo -- me as a high school senior. Hated those glasses but loved my waist-length hsir. I looked so much younger than my age!

After high school, I flew to Arizona to marry Bill who's Navy ship was stationed in San Diego. I used to take my Navy dependent's check to the Rosecrans base to cash it. I remember the guy asking me who my father was. I asked why? He isn't in the Navy. So he asked who my guardian was. "Hmmm . . . You mean my husband?"


  1. oh - so cute . and love the story too!

  2. LOL -- I always thought I looked like a dork but thanks!

  3. Hi, Vicky! Love to see you so young! Precious! Thanks for sharing!

  4. __Very__ young!! I graduated 43 years ago.


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