19 June 2015

urban mish-mash

Our church, Jubilee Christian Center of Somerville, TX, is currently remodeling the building next door to us --- this is a view from the alley in back. We meet in an old downtown store-front building built in the late 1800s; adding the building next door gives us new office space and a separate room for Discipleship Study.

I love the mish-mash (is that even a word?) of textures and colors from past uses of this building. The slogan on our van used to read in full "Religious Free & Biker Friendly" --- That's what drew us to this church when we moved here. A long time ago we were done with just "playing church". It's all about a continuous, intimate relationship with the Lord, not religion. 


  1. You know me . . . I love all the detail! This came out great. I'm also intrigued by your church's premise of religion free and all about your relationship with God. I think I could buy into that.

  2. Many of us have previously been in formal, traditional churches that "went through the motions", following their order of service and many committees & boards . . . yet when people were really hurting, they pretended to not know. An example from our own past: Bill went through a severe depression several years ago and the church he had attended and served in for many years turned a blind eye. "Christians should not be depressed, therefore it doesn't exist" attitude. We described it as playing church with no heart.

    In the past years, we have been meeting with believers who taught that it's all about relationship: first our own with the Lord (daily, not just "church day"), then relationship with each other and those people we come in contact with in our daily lives. Focusing on encouraging others and meeting those needs we can and praying when we can't. In other words, LIVING our faith daily.

    That's why seeing this phrase caught our eye when we moved here. It's a biker church (a thriving ministry to the biker communities, leading many into relationship with the Lord and out of the outlaw biker clubs) --- we don't ride but love the welcoming atmosphere.


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