05 June 2015

a sad bunny tale

More and more as I interact with wildlife in our new home in the woods, I think of Beatrix Potter's experiences with the creatures she came upon at Hill Top.

However not every story has a good ending. After six months extended stay with our youngest son who is in college, my Scottish terrier, Ceilidh, is back home. She loves playing in her little fenced yard and, being a terrier, loves to dig holes. So we thought nothing of her starting a new one first thing.

Unfortunately, she dug up a rabbit nest. Local wild rabbits, thinking the dog gone for good, nested in the center of Ceilidh's yard. She did not try to hurt the babies, only wishing them to play with her. But the parents abandoned the nest and the babies died. We had hoped they would return if we kept the dog away but they did not. These same rabbits often sit just outside of her fence, knowing she can't reach them.

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