03 June 2015

some randomness & the end of the book

Deawing people is still a bit intimidating, yet sometimes I just need to draw while focusing intently on what I am hearing in church. I somehow listen better when my pen is moving. So another random sletch of my own foot.

And this is what the last page / inside cover of my journals often looks like: a mish-mash of color or ink testing, notes, and random information. Usually a penciled notation of what paper is in the book if it's handmade. 


  1. I also draw in church. It is amazing to me how the mind can listen and still focus on the skill of trying to draw.

    1. It really is amazing, isn't it? I'm not sure if it's because I'm so visually oriented or whether it goes back to all those scribbled notes in high school, but a moving pen helps me listen better and remember more.


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