04 June 2015

on to a new journal

With my previous post, my journal was filled and I have begun a new one. For this one, I cut sample sheets of Bockingford tinted papers in half, then bound them into an antique book cover. The end sheets are made from a sheet of Saunders Waterford --- I often skip using separate paper for end papers, choosing to use watercolor paper here as well since it is usually drawn on.

Inside the front cover, I glued the front illustration from the original book. The old book block was bug-chewed and crumbling but I wanted to save this bit. As usual, a palette on the first page: this one, a pocket palette made from a business card case filled with earthy, granulating paints. I will fill in personal contact info after posting this, in case the book is lost.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kate! I like how old and "dented" the cover looks, and it feels so good in my hand!

  2. Fantastic idea. I love old books. What was the process you used to bind the watercolour pages into the book? I have an old book I turned into a secret storage box for keepsakes. It took a while to glue all the pages together and cut away the inside compartment but in the end it was a fun project. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Steven, I gutted the cover and inserted a new book block of watercolor paper sewn in a Coptic stitch. Instructions that I follow are here:

  3. Your journal is beautiful! I love this idea!


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