15 August 2014

primary & secondary, warm & cool

I've put together many palettes based on a warm and a cool of each primary. But how about one based on a warm and cool of each secondary color as well? Using the paints I have, I tried this in a classic color wheel. (Actually I only have a sample of the permanent orange but am definitely buying a tube of it --- It makes gorgeous clean greens when mixed with phthalo blue!)

I've been working through a few exercises from a little e-book borrowed this month from Kindle's Lending Library, "Paint With Intention" by Joan Hoffmann.

This exercise called for painting a simple apple form using the whole spectrum of color, from yellows to greens. Of course, I couldn't leave it at that --- I added some detailing after the paint dried.

My warm and cool primary wheels did not look as different from each other as the ones in the book. I used the primaries in the color chart above.

But I jotted down a few pointers from the book to have a record of it.

My favorite black mix is still ultramarine blue and burnt umber, but it's good to know a few more in case a painting calls for something else.


  1. Playing with watercolor is always fun -- Thanks for commenting, Pilgrim!


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