19 August 2014

baby squirrel chillin'

Recently I caught this baby fox squirrel cooling his tummy. He had casually wandered from the back of the Adirondack chair to the large covered crock where we keep birdseed, finally ending up on the cool cement floor of our covered patio. I began taking photos from inside through a window. He soon noticed me, gave me a worried look, and then vamoosed.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful icky. You were so fortunate to see this . Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks, Alissa! We are so blessed to be living in our new location, a log cabin in the wooded country near a lake. So much wildlife to enjoy!

  3. Gorgeous sketch! So lovely!! and lovely story! You are really blessed, Vicky!

  4. Thank you, Jana!

    By the way, your recent sketches on Flicker are beautiful! (I can't comment there). I especially love the old wooden house and tree --- the progression from "up close detail" to distant atmosphere is perfect!

  5. Oh, Vicky, thank you! What a surprise:)
    I appreciate it much!
    It is an old wooden house of our friends, we visited them for some days. It is situated far away from civilization, I love the silence and stars at night at this place...

    1. You shouldn't be surprised --- you are a very talented artist!

      I love old places far from civilization. Or those full of history and untold stories.


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