11 August 2014

Highland Legos

When I was a kid I thought Legos were the coolest toy with their red, white, and clear bricks --- the classic "house building" kit was all there was. The kids down the street had them but we never did.

So I now have a few of my own.

The rocks are from Loch Ness and the Black Isle in Scotland. Our daughter brought them back with her last year.


  1. This is so cool!!!! I hope you're able to watch "Outlander" Vickie!!!! It's on STARZ and it is based on the book series by Diana Galbradon, filmed in Scotland. I just discovered via Ancestry that I've got Scottish ancestors, which news really blew me away.

  2. Hi, Dorothy! Absolutely I am watching Outlander! I was so surprised when my husband, recently retired, told me to subscribe to Starz just for this show. (Afterwards, he found the added Encore western channel included in the package and he's Verra Happy!)

    Our daughter introduced me to Diana's books a few years ago when she found out I like Dr. Who and time-travel. The Outlander books are what led her and her husband to visit Scotland last year (where the rocks in this sketch came from). She and I met Diana in Dallas this past June -- I was totally speachless! What a generous, gracious, and gorgeous woman!

    Through my great aunt doing our family tree, I found I have Scottish ancestry, leading to learning all I can about the country's history. Fun to know!


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