07 August 2014

Mom's birthday card & a church sketch

Today is my mom's birthday. This is the card I painted for her this year. Our daughter introduced me to an incredibly detailed series of historical fiction by Diana Gabaldon and I in turn introduced my mother to them. The first book has been made into a TV series that premiers this week. Doune Castle in Scotland is standing in for Castle Leoch in the series; I thought Mom might enjoy a sketch of it.

I also did this quick sketch at church on Sunday, adding a bit of color later at home. The wife in the sketch had gorgeous hair reaching past her waist when we met them this spring; she recently had it cut to donate the hair to be made into wigs. Still gorgeous but I wish I had sketched her earlier.

We are really enjoying our church and the people there. Awesome place to worship our Lord.


  1. Oh good...you're watching Outlander. I've got your Blog in my "feed" but if I don't get email reminders I sometimes forget to look there!!!! So please excuse my note on your most recent post.

  2. LOL -- No excuse needed! I appreciate you taking time to comment (I get very few of them) and LOVE that you are a fellow Outlander-devotee! Enjoy the show tonight!
    (I'm also loving how the show is drawing my husband in . . . . Maybe he will read the books one day.)


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