25 July 2014

Wednesday's mini-date

All small towns here have a Dairy Queen. In fact, around here they are advertised as "the stop sign of Texas".

We went there for ice cream on Wednesday. Normally I try to match exact colors of things but this time I used the muted granulating palette I recently put together.

After ice cream, we drove around the small town . . . and saw two young deer feeding in someone's front yard. Not afraid of the car at all.


  1. Hi, Vicky,
    we´re back at home and I´ve just managed to have a look at your sketches - it reminds me my holiday - I tried to sketch every day - but you don´t need to go on holiday and you sketch like you were there, discovering your life during all your life... so inspiring!
    Love the fisherman and butterflies and flowers and buildings... Reading your blog is like a continuous reading a lovely book ... :)

    1. Jana, your comments brought a tear to my eye and joy to my heart -- thank you! I think the reason I continue to post these sketchbook pages is in hopes of brightening someone's day or blessing them in some way. I don't think there are many who actually look at what I post, judging by the lack of comments, so what you wrote means a lot to me.

      I hope your holiday was lovely; glad to hear you're home! As much as we love visiting elsewhere, it always feels wonderful to come home.

    2. Yes, Vicky, we had a wonderful time, thank you. So as we have no sea in my country, people love to go on holiday to seaside and so we did. We went to Montenegro. I tried to sketch all our journey, hope I´ll post something later.
      And yes, your pages DO brighten my days and are blessings!

    3. Good to hear. When we lived in Kansas, there was no sea near us --- another reason we loved visiting kids in Houston, an easy drive to Galveston Island and the Gulf of Mexico. I loved seeing the Pacific Ocean when we lived in California and Oregon (first years of marriage). Montenegro sounds quite exotic!

      I have lost the link to your web site. Could you give it to me again please?

    4. Oh, yes, it is an exotic country! We traveled there almost 3 days by car through some canyons, the road led along the mountains above the river, 20 m road, 25m tunnel, road, tunnel, ... maybe 40 tunnels in one hour. We visited old towns as Budva (3,500 years old), Kotor and others.
      I don't post my sketches often, I don't know why either, like I've lost a courage, a little bit busy at work, a little bit with my children, and a little bit internet and scanner not working well, but I am trying to sketch... Have to post it one day on flickr :)
      Thank you for your interest!
      It´s here, but I think there´s nothing new :)

    5. Sounds like an exciting adventure! Thanks for the link -- I'll make sure I save it this time.

      I have a scanner but have never figured out how it works; I just take photos of my sketchbooks and load them to the computer where I can crop the photo or tweak the lighting if needed.

      With children at home, finding time to sketch would be challenging enough, let alone time to post online! I didn't start keeping sketchbooks until 2007, after our children were pretty much grown.


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