25 July 2014

a neighbor's birthday

One of our new neighbors is celebrating a birthday in a few days. I once sketched an owl house in one of his trees while visiting on his patio and he couldn't believe I was drawing on-the-spot like that. So I later shared some of my sketchbooks with him, which he loved.

I painted a card for him this week. He and his wife, recently deceased, made many lovely memories fishing together on Lake Somerville.


  1. He will love this. Just spent a delightful time going back to all I missed and enjoying your work. Been crazy busy lately so lost tract of blogs. Sounds like you are adapting well there in Texas. How's hubby's workshop going? Is it done yet?

  2. Hello, Cris! Hope all is well with you. "Crazy busy" does seem to catch us unawares, doesn't it?

    Texas feels very much HOME to me, though Bill still refers to Kansas as "back home". I honestly feel that home is wherever BILL is and he is right here, right now. Same as when we were in California or Oregon.

    I think the Lord placed us here at the right moment for our neighbor who the card is for. After suffering from Alzheimer's a long time (he cared for her in the home), his wife died about a month after we moved here. Bill was missing his friends in Kansas and John was missing his wife and had been out-of-touch with old friends due to his wife's needs. Now they are becoming good friends. He is a retired carpenter; we are hoping he will "come play" with Bill in his shop.

    Bill's woodshop is mostly completed -- only need to add some more insulation and wallboard --- and he is getting back to work on our daughter's kitchen cabinets, the project that was interrupted last year by his heart attack. I should get some sketching done of the shop sometime!

  3. That's so neat about bill and neighbor hitting it off. Sad about his wife tho. Wow he needed you guys and there you are. Glad to hear Bill is doing so much better that he can finish the cabinets. They will be well traveled cabinets by the time she gets them.LOL

  4. LOL -- they really will! The original plan was to have Kristen's new kitchen installed in time for last year's Thanksgiving day. Instead we were there, in heart-surgery recovery mode, looking at houses to buy. Never can foretell where the future will take us.


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