21 July 2014

crepe myrtle and a couple of wildflowers

The 3 crepe myrtles in our yard are in full bloom . . . and actively sending up suckers aplenty. As I trimmed these out, I found one in full bloom so I sketched it. The myrtles we had in Kansas were left to grow naturally for at least 70 years -- I never bothered with trimming or pruning. But those in our yard here in Texas were trained to 7 - 9 trunks only, so I guess I'll keep it up. I do NOT cut the tops severally as is the habit around here though. I still prefer a more natural style.

And I found 2 new wildflowers during our walk today. I'm not sure what the gold one with tiny red stripes is but it is popping up in yards all over. No leaves except the 2 tiny ones on the stem, yet the stem sticks up about 12 inches from the ground.

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