19 July 2014

a muted, granulating triad

I've been playing with a different muted primary triad recently --- one using granulating pigments. This was suggested to me by Jane Blundell, though she used a different "red". Raw umber violet was what I had on hand. I also added a green and a neutral, both granulating, for convenience.

(BTW, this palette had another fold-out mixing area that I removed to make it lighter. Didn't use that area much anyway.)
I'm not happy with the greens mixed from goethite and blue apatite.

So I tried replacing the goethite with monte amiata natural sienna --- much brighter but still a muted, granulating pigment.

On it's own, I love how goethite looks when painted in large areas but I'd like better greens without resorting to the sap green.
I also could not paint the bright gold of two of my favorite paint brushes using goethite, but the natural sienna works pretty good.

Even when I am sketching at home, I find myself grabbing my travel brushes rather than those in my "studio". I just prefer how they work.

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