28 March 2014

Bill's new friend

Bill and I were sitting in the patio, drinking our morning cups of coffee / tea . . . . when all of a sudden this wee bird flew down from behind Bill and landed on his knee.

We were swinging slightly and kept on doing so yet the bird simply looked at us, then closed his eyes to rest. I quietly rose to go get my camera and he didn't seem to mind a bit.

I can't identify him from our central Texas bird guide.
The wee thing even allowed Bill to stroke his back.
He eventually hopped down on his own.     
I guess the sign at the corner of our property is correct . . . we are the local wild bird sanctuary and the birds know it!


  1. Wow! Vicky, this is just amazing! Your bird sanctuary is another gift at your new home!
    Gorgeous photos! You are going to have a wonderful spring time :)
    Best wishes

  2. Oh how sweet. Amazing the trust. I have a birder/artist friend Elva Paulson so I will ask her what it is. All the firsts are going to be fun. I hope you will record them in your journal. :))

  3. I was thinking at the moment the bird showed up that it was one of those un-looked-for smiles from God.

    Cris, that would be great if Elva could tell us what kind of bird it was! (Her name sounds familiar. Is she an on-line sketcher? Maybe someone I knew when I had a Flickr acct?)

  4. Hi Vickie … yes we know each other via the internet. I even follow your blog but am not as good about commenting as I should be.

    I think you have a female Brewer's blackbird. They look a lot like female cowbirds, but the cowbird's bill is blunter. I looked at photos and I think the female Brewer's bill is a little blunter than the male's. I suspect the poor thing is sick. If it is still hanging around I'd offer it some water and maybe a dry mix of bread crumbs … cornmeal …. bird seed --whatever you have. You get the idea. She might even like tidbits of apple.

    Good luck!

  5. Elva, I KNEW I should know you! As soon as I saw your icon photo, I remembered you. (is my age showing?)
    I thought she looked similar to a cowbird so you must be right. There is plenty of birdseed right next to this patio swing, dropped from one of our feeders --- she seems to be eating it. The birdbath is also near by, in the photo next to the crepe myrtle, but maybe I should set some closer to the ground.
    (The neighborhood mockingbirds love playing in our Scottie's waterdish . . . right in front of her!)
    Thanks for the help identifying her! I'm really liking this new country-living birdwatching life!


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