18 March 2014

Quen's birthday weekend

We celebrated Quen's 7th birthday over the weekend at the lake . . . with intermittent rain and fog. Quen and I painted in our sketchbooks together, then ran into the tent when the rain got too heavy, then back out to paint some more. Not surprising that this turned out so gray.

Had lots of fun anyway, spending time with Matt & Misty (they and Quen camped out for the weekend in spite of the weather), playing, watching white pelicans, laughing, taking a little walk . . .  . Matt took some great photos:

Bill teasing me as Quen danced along the shore.

On Sunday, everyone met at our cabin for cake and homemade ice cream. Quen also received his birthday bear --- he put my black beret on so he could match his artist bear.


  1. Beautiful painting! Love the tree and the colors.You have had a wonderful time together! Teddy bear and his sketchbook are cute!!

  2. We DID have a fun time, even with damp clothes and wet shoes. Made good memories!


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