07 February 2014

Snow? . . . Seriously?!?

Thursday morning we woke up in our new home to find it snowing. Properly huge snowflakes mixed with frozen sleet that looked, as one Facebook commenter wrote, like Dippin' Dots. Nothing to compare with the horrific blizzard conditions up north, but really? Didn't we move south in part to get away from the frigid cold? Though nothing like the zero temps in Kansas this week, we are in the 30s.

Bill says the blame lies with this painting:

The former owners of the house left this painting of our new home hanging on the wall. They told us that it had been left here by the people they bought it from 5 years ago, so they decided to pass it on to us. A totally unrealistic amount of snow for an area that normally never sees any; clearly the artist used a great deal of artistic license. The shrubs are imaginary as well, and this was painted before the covered patio was added. A few more baby trees have been added as well; the former owner loved planting things. Among them, an orange, a peach, and a fig tree.


  1. The snow welcomed you to Texas. :))) love the painting. What a cool thing to leave behind. The extras in the painting are called Artistic license. Lol

  2. I of course noticed the painting when we first looked at the house; when we did final walk-through before closing I was surprised to see it still on the wall. Love that there are red birds in it --- a favorite of many enerations of Williamson's!


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