30 January 2014

final sketches

  Ready for the moving van to arrive (tomorrow morning) . . . and I did a couple of last sketches of this apartment we are leaving. I love this bathroom with all that subway tile, the original 1920 claw-foot tub, and the reproduction lavatory. Bill hated all that subway tile by the time he finished putting it in! The individual tiles are molded from originals and are irregular in shape. Drove him a bit nuts!
 This kitchen sink from the 1940s was here when we bought the building. Loving those huge drainboards, I tried to talk Bill into using it as our new kitchen sink but he didn't like the idea. He did leave it in the pantry for me though --- great for potting plants and washing dogs! And he installed an instant-hot tap for me. Keeps hot water at the perfect temperature for a cup of tea. I'll miss that when I go back to using a tea kettle at the cabin.


  1. There is so much here that will be missed, in spite of the drawbacks of living in an apartment building on a busy corner. Bill admitted last night that he's more attached to this place than any of our previous homes.

  2. Bittersweet sketches. Nice you will have them. But I bet you will find lots to love in the new place in time. I would imagine all the hard and and recreating work Bill put into the house makes it special to him.Hoping the move goes smoothly. Safe journey.

  3. A bit of sadness leaving what we worked so hard on. But we are both looking forward to cabin-living in Texas! So much to explore in the area --- new environment, nature, lots of area history, a lovely old town (on the national historic registry) . . . and time with all our kids & grandkids!

    The movers took longer to load than we expected, so I left long before Bill did; the cat & dog and I are settled in a motel 1/2 way, waiting for him. We had 2 vehicles to drive, and I was avoiding driving in the dark (cataract).

  4. Understand about the cataract and driving in dark. My hubby just had both eyes done in December and he can see sooooooo much better now. It was scary how bad he was getting. Went smoothly tho. Hes so happy. Hope your hubby gets there safely and the rest of the trip goes smoothly. Just think of all the new sketching prospects ahead of you in Texas..:)

  5. This cataract is a bit strange. Not "age related", usually occurs under the age of 40 (I'm 59). Discovered over a year ago but has not changed any. Doesn't really impare my vision --- just causes weird light displacement & blurred sight from oncoming headlights or thick fog.
    And thanks for the well ishes. Bleesings to you!

  6. Oh, Vicky, I am reading your news and looking at your lovely sketches. Can´t imagine myself moving. I admire again, how you are going on. Wish you a good journey and nice arrival. And much joy at your new living place!


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