07 February 2014

battle of the boxes

We are slowly but surely emerging from a life among boxes, and many of those boxes have been cut, flattened, and stuffed into larger boxes such as the two shown here.

This side of the living room is almost clear of boxes.

Originally there was no ceiling light on this side. We bought this light kit for the bedroom ceiling fan, but Billy thought it would look good in the living room. There was already an unused spot for one in the log beam. We like it so much, we are going to take down the silly fixture on the other side and put in a matching one. The light's entwining leaf detail can be seen more clearly here.

More boxes, stuffed with additional boxes, and bags of newspaper at the back door waiting to be loaded on the truck. Covered with some of our surprise snowfall.

We drove all this into town to the recycle center . . . but about a mile from town the truck died. On top of an overpass ramp. Without our having access to the internet or a local business listing. A quick phone call to our son, who looked online for a towing / repair shop. Two hours later, with a new fuel pump, we finally made it to the recycle center.
This chaos will one day be my art "studio" in the loft. The door leads to a wee balcony, just big enough for a couple of folding chairs to sketch from.

By the way, those energy windows really do work. Through this kitchen window you can see the remains of a couple of snowballs Bill through at me from outside. This photo was taken nearly an hour later, yet the snow had not melted. No heat escaping here!


  1. Welcome to your new home. Looks like things are getting settled in quickly. Aren't you glad the truck didn't stop on the drive there when tired and not knowing anyone near by. Glad it was an easy fix.. Thought this sent off but it didn't. Its Been sitting here on my iPad. :)

  2. Believe me, we were praising God that 1) they had the part in stock, 2) the total bill was resonable, and ___most of all___ 3) that it did NOT die on the trip down from Kansas! Thanks again, Lord!

  3. Hi, Vicky,
    glad to see you've arrived safely to your new home. It doesn't look small! I like the three windows in the living room! And nice space for your art studio! Have a blessed living there!

  4. Hello, Jana! This house is really just the right size for us. Our apartment had 3 bedrooms; this has only one, plus the loft. I love how each of the living room windows have a lovely view --- we are watching birds at the bird feeder this morning through one. And it is so quiet! There was lots of city noise at our old home.
    Blessings to you as well!

  5. Progress! Hooray...and oh, the quiet must be lovely!

    Omigosh, glad the truck didn't die on the way there...I've been thinking about you SO MUCH.

  6. Peace & quiet are heavenly after living on a busy (noisy) city corner!

    Saturday morning a very bright light out the bedroom window woke me up at 5:00 am. Our elderly neighbor on that side has many health issues, as does his wife. My first thought was medical emergency? But when I peeked out, I found it was only the moon. Forgot how much brighter moon & stars appear with no city lights!

    Still haven't sketched . . . . Cleaning and planting garden beds, watching a huge variety of birds visit us, putting up pictures and shelving unit, and I need to shorten shower curtains for the claw-foot tub. Then get a teddy bear sewn for a grandchild's birthday. But I will!


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