27 February 2014

unknown roses

Last weekend our son Matt, his wife Misty, and their son Quen came to visit. At almost 7 years old, Quen is becoming quite an artist, with his own travel easel full of paints and other supplies. He and I sat out on the patio sketching.

I only drew this in pencil at the time, then finished later. The patio rose bed has 5 unknown roses. No idea what kind they are or what colors. The leaves are much smaller than the English roses I grew in Kansas, though that may be damage caused by the recent freezes.


  1. What a lovely page! Your new life is full of nice surprises! Nicely done, beautiful warm colors!

  2. I enjoy simple things like learning what plants are found in this climate and what the trees in our yard are. Oak, pine, and cedar trees are easy but there are many newly planted trees we don't know. Then there is the mystery of rose and crepe myrtle colors yet to solve.

  3. Those 'firsts' are fun to discover. Look forward to seeing just what you discover along the way

  4. We thought we had some dogwood trees but the flowers are'nt right. No idea what they are!


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