20 January 2014

part of our apartment's kitchen

We are still dealing with the craziness that comes with relocating . . . and I'm still sketching bits of our old home when I find time.

This is the west wall of the kitchen Bill made; additional built-ins and a gas range are on the north and east walls. I have loved this vintage-style kitchen and will miss it!

Our new home's kitchen is from Ikea. First house we bought that will not have a custom-built kitchen by Bill. Still needs tweaking --- I want to replace the dishwasher with more drawers.

We moved all my paints and inks to Texas last week when we went to close on purchasing the cabin. So I just have this simple "warms and cools" palette with me. The travel brush is a #8 from Daniel Smith. If I remember right, the pigments are as follows:

cadmium scarlet  /  permanent rose
hansa yellow med.  /  hansa yellow light
serpentine genuine  /  sap green (not really a cool)
ultramarine blue  /  phthalo blue
quin. burnt orange  /  burnt umber
quin. gold  /  payne's gray


  1. Hi, Vicky! Love your sketch, warm, and cozy kitchen! Your husband did nice work! It must be hard to leave now, but I can also see nice news - deers, vultures, bluebird, longhorns, elks, cranes, hummingbirds...! I think you will love your new home! And you´ll be nearer to your children! Blessings!

    1. Thanks, Jana! I had intended to sketch the other side of the kitchen as well --- I love how he did the whole design! But I just ran out of energy.

      Isn't it amazing, how much wildlife we will be able to see? Such a wonder after living on a busy city corner. We spent a couple of nights there last week and it was so peaceful and quiet! The former owners also told us he had planted an orange tree, a peach tree, and a fig tree. Unexpected blessings are awesome!


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