26 January 2014


While renovating this building, we wished to keep as much as possible to the original style of woodwork. But 1920-style doors are not sold today unless they are custom-made.

So where ever Bill needed to add doors, he made them himself . . . even including a transom window to match others in the apartment.

This is looking from our bedroom, through the small office / studio area, through French doors leading to the kitchen.


  1. Is ow. Nice job Bill. The new owners are getting a grand house. Love your rig too. Moving date soon? Can't wait till you start sketching new home with your stuff in it.

  2. I have no idea what,,Is ow is..my iPad makes up words on me.. Arrgh.. I think I said..wow..and rig was supposed to be rug. I need to proof read better. Lol

  3. LOL . . . My kindle makes up words all thr time! (See? It just changed the to thr!)
    The new owners are investors who will just rent this apartment with the two smaller upstairs units. Three-bedroom apartments are in high demand and this one will bring a premium price.
    The rug came from home depot for only $25 --- and it's very cushy! They had a special shipment at the time.
    The movers arrive this Friday and we can't wait. We are SO ready to get on with it!


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