10 November 2013

date night

On Friday, we had a real date night . . . haven/t had one of those in quite some time. Good friends of ours have a Celtic band called Knocknasheega and they were playing at The Kiln.

The Kiln is a 501c3 organization, operated totally on donations of patrons. They are a Christian coffee house that also serves various teas, sandwiches, and desserts. All profits go to helping those in need. Those with musical talents are invited to share their gifts with others; a separate donation is given to the band when they "pass the pitcher".

Watching Knocknasheega perform is more like participating in an old fashioned Scottish or Irish ceilidh! Good friends getting together for a bit of song, story-telling and jokes (some groaningly bad) --- and they invite others to join them in their celebration of life.

This sketchbook is becoming a remembrance journal as I record different things I will miss when we leave Kansas. Good friends are definitely highest on the list.


  1. Hi Vicky!
    I am listening to Knocknasheega - it's just fantastic! - and as I play the violin a bit, I am excited!! Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!! And, of course, I love your sketches of violinist and flutist!
    Wish you to find good friends at your new living place...

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying the band, Jana! It was begun by our dear friends, Kevin and Denise. I refer to Kevin as my personal piper, as he has played the bagpipes for me many times. I don't think there is an instrument he can't play . . .
      James, the violinist, is top-quality! You are blessed to be able to play such a lovely instrument even a bit.

  2. Vicky,
    My name is Roger Buck. I'm trying to track down Bill Williamson who lives or lived in El Dorado, KS and is the grandson of Cleo Cobb (George Cobb of Walnut, KS.) Who this be your husband by chance? I'm Ruth Buck's son.
    If I have the right family, please email me at rbuck1971@gmail.com. I have a family item he may want.
    If I have the wrong Williamson please forgive my post. Thanks.

    1. Roger, I sent you a private email. Yes, my husband is who you are seeking.


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