21 November 2013

autumn in Texas

I found a colorful autumn in this part of Texas after all. Though most of the trees are still fully green and there are flowers blooming everywhere, we found several trees and shrubs going through seasonal color changes.

Meanwhile, the house search continues. Many of the houses we found on-line where ruled out when seen in person, but there are 3 we are interested in. Lots to consider . . .


  1. We lived in Houston for 4 years and loved every minute of it. I used to laugh about not being able to tell if
    it was Halloween or Mother's Day because there wasn't that much change in the weather and/or appearance of Mother Nature. We found a house in Tanglewild. Loved it too. We had to rent for about 6 mo. before we could find a house we liked, good location for us, and right price.

    1. We've been visiting the Houston area for over 16 years, since our eldest moved here out of college. When the other 3 kids eventually settled in Texas, we decided we might as well join them. Love missing the blustery wind and ice of Kansas!

      Hope we find the right house sooner than you did! We have 90 days before we need to be out of our Kansas home, but so many Texas houses we had found on line already sold. Busy market!


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