08 November 2013

a few more leaves . . .

When Bill had his heart attack, he said his goal is to go to Arkansas for his birthday . . . . and so we did, visiting dear friends in the woods of Mountain Home.

We took several walks everyday, enjoying the signs of Autumn, bird songs, and peace. Makes us look more seriously at properties in the country when it comes time to buy our next home.

Mostly the woods are oak trees. LOTS of varieties of oak. These are just a few of the leaf types we saw. No burr oaks though -- that's the most common type in our Kansas neighborhood.

In a way, we were celebrating the changeable beauty of Autumn, which we won't see much of after moving to Texas.
We chose a different path driving home, going through Bolivar, MO where a couple of our kids went to college. Later we stopped to eat in Fort Scott, where my great grandparents' home was. I have very fond memories of visiting my great-aunt Lucile there. I take after both her and her younger sister, my grandmother. Lucile as also my childhood penpal.


  1. Hi, Vicky! Beautiful leaves! I haven't seen so many varieties of oaks here. Though I've noticed that there are more of them. Do your oaks have such a variety of acorns, too?
    Best wishes!

    1. The acorns we saw were very similar to each other --- not very big. Acorns from burr oaks that we have in Kansas are much bigger and "hairy", though the trees seem shorter than these in Arkansas. Thanks, Jana!


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