23 October 2011

random quotes and sketches

I just finished filling another sketchbook --- the final two spreads contain mostly random quotes I wish to remember and random sketches. After spending time listening to Wayne Jacobsen speak in person a couple of weeks ago, I re-read The Shack . . . and found his "fingerprints" all over the writing! He is one of two un-credited authors who helped Wm. Young write the book and get it published.

Before passing the book on to a friend, I jotted down some quotes for my own remembrance.

We are heading to Texas later this week, for Bill's 60th birthday party. We will also finally meet Judah, who was born 12 Sept. Bill built this dresser for him (and no, the real dresser is NOT warped on top! I was drawing in ink without pencil -- a bit of wonky!)

As we pulled weeds from the mostly dead-looking perennial bed, Bill found one tiny echinacea bloom. A "happy thought" that flowers will return next year.


  1. How do you like The Shack? It is sitting on my bookshelf, and I haven't read it yet. ... Learning to Live Loved - wonderful page, btw.

  2. My husband and I both LOVED this book. It seems that people either love it or hate it; not much in-between. It's methods are pretty radical!

    I love how it helps us see God in a whole new light --- dropping the religious form and judgment in favor of a dynamic, growing, intimately personal relationship with a loving God who WANTS to spend time with us.

  3. Nice! So happy I found your weblog, in a Dutch magazine. It's a good book, The Shack. And it's nice that I found your weblog, in the midst of neutral weblogs - it's a wink fromg God :)

  4. You found my weblog in a Dutch magazine??? Could you please tell me what magazine that was? I know nothing about it.

    Yes, The Shack is a wonderful book. And Wayne Jacobsen's book, "He Loves Me" is the perfect follow-up. Full of Godly truth.

    I love those winks from God!


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