17 October 2011

33rd Worldwide Sketchcrawl

Saturday was our regular planned sketchcrawl in Excelsior Springs, MO, and also the 33rd Worldwide Sketchcrawl day. I arrived too early again (just over a 3 hour drive)' while waiting, I sketched the front door of Saint Luke's, across from the parking lot.

We had planned on driving out to a small waterfall to sketch, but it's currently dry. So we headed downtown to sketch buildings. Kate wanted to sketch an old building she heard may be torn down, whose roof can be seen to the lower left. I liked how this old Victorian home peeked over the rooftops. Turns out it belongs to Kate's friend, Betty, who I once met at the Hall of Waters --- another Scottie lover!

We then headed to the Mercantile, where we met up with Joseph for a light meal and some great live music. As usual, my lack of confidence when sketching outside made me grab a pencil first to lightly sketch things before adding ink. But I drew this wee flower arrangement with ink first --- proving once again that I should save time and skip the pencil.


  1. love old victorians...nicely done...

  2. They put so much thought into design in Victorians, didn't they? Thank you!

  3. Beautiful drawing on all them, but especially the flowers! Looks like you had a great sketchcrawl!

  4. Thanks! It WAS fun, Raena, though it was just Kate and me. We missed all of our "regulars" joining us.


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