10 October 2011

more from The Loft

On Friday I went once again to hear author Wayne Jacobsen talk in open conversation with a bunch of people, meeting in The Loft, an actual barn loft belonging to our missionary friend, Penny, of New Jerusalem Missions. This time I was listening and writing notes more, sketching less. Not really working at capturing anyone's true likeness.

I was blown away when a guy later peeked at this page (in pencil only at the time) and says "That's my wife, Shannon!" --- then I find out that he taught illustration at Wichita's WSU. How he could identify her from this sketch, I'll never know.

People came from all over --- this bald guy lives in the same small town as I do, though I'd never met him. (By the way, I found out that bald heads are not as easy to paint as I had imagined.) Another new friend, Faith, has a sister-in-law who teaches at the same high school in Sugarland, TX that my son teaches at!

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