09 June 2011

last pages . . .

. . . of our recent trip to Arkansas, and of this art journal. Time to start working in a new book.
One morning Bill called me out to the backyard, which slopes down to a heavily forested area between our friends' home and Norfolk Lake. On the other side of the fence was this newborn fawn, still a bit damp. Bill had noticed a movement and briefly saw the mother, then found this baby laying against the fence.
We kept an eye on the little deer all day but no more sign of the mother. We know she was watching us; we just did not see her. Early the next morning, both were gone. There was an impression in the grass where the mother had lain next to the fawn during the night before moving it to a more hidden spot.
As for the silly grinning piece of wood -- here's an untouched photo. George is a very talented wood-turner, creating lovely works of art from rough cuts of wood on a lathe. One day he cross-cut a piece of wood for a new bowl and this is what he saw looking at him. Totally natural.

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