21 February 2011

sketching at church . . .

. . . while listening to the message. Drawing helps me concentrate on what is being said (rather than my eyes wandering around -- I'm such a visual person!) When I look through the sketchbooks later, I find myself remembering what was taught because I was more fully "in the moment".

(I add color later at home.)

Ours is a small, non-traditional church that started as a house-church. We don't sit in pews facing one way --- we sit in a circle. So everyone can guess that I'm sketching as I write down sermon notes.



  1. I am also itching to sketch at church, but intimidated at the same time. Last week I settled for taking notes of the sermon on one side of book spread and doodling/sketching on the other. DH gave me the 'I can't believe you're doing that' look when I started drawing but chilled when I began adding notes..........

  2. I get the same looks from family sometimes. But when others thumb through my sketchbooks, the sketch grabs their attention --- and then they read the notes or scriptures added and it "clicks".
    When I look at the sketches, they remind me of the message.

    Have you ever read "A Blossom in the Desert" by Miriam Huffman Rockness? It's a compilation of the illustrated journals of Lilias Trotter, a missionary to Africa from the 1890s. Wonderful inspiration!


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