14 February 2011

75 day challenge # 21

I'm now beginning the second book set aside for the 75 day challenge of ink drawings . . . . I thought this thicker, hand-made paper would be easier to work on. But my favorite Lamy Safari pens and other art pens bleed through. So at the moment I'm using a BIC ballpoint pen. I could work on one side only, but I wanted to keep all 75 days of drawings in these two books.

The above puppy sketch is from a photo my Scottie breeder emailed me, of a little guy a few weeks older than mine. He had gorged on so much puppy food that when he struggled to get up from the bowl, he fell over backwards. After trying 3 times to turn over, he finally gave up and took his nap where he lay.

Often it is a struggle to choose something to draw each day. I like the simplicity of these continuous contour drawings (or sometimes mostly continuous -- there are times I get distracted or lift my pen when I didn't mean to). But eventually I probably should work on a few more detailed sketches. Some tonal studies or textures would be nice.


  1. these are great, I also love continuous contour drawings.

  2. Thank you, Jill! The puppy looks a bit cartoonish to me but so do live Scottie puppies. They are ridiculous looking with that head too large for their body!

  3. LOVE that puppy! It's so cute!
    I also try to make at least one drawing each day. I can imagine if you've been sketching all your life it can be difficult to find new items to sketch, but for me everything is SO new under this 'sketching-view'...
    Thanks for share your sketches. We can learn a lot from you!

  4. I've only been sketching since May 2007, yet I often find myself wondering what to sketch!

    Once in a while, though, something just appears to look like "magic" to me, just begging to be sketched. I may have to try a watercolor of this sweet puppy.


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