02 February 2011

next 3 handbound journals

I wanted to start using the square gray one next --- I plan on filling it with sketches of my new Scottie puppy after I pick her up. But the cover paper is not as sturdy as that on the other two journals.

So, while I figure out what to coat it with to protect it better (and embellish it a bit, maybe with some plaid!), I'm using the smaller red one.  

This journal is such an odd shape because it is totally made up of leftovers. The paper, odd ends of Stonehenge paper left after making the green & multi-colored journal. The cover bits & inner facing, left after making a journal for a friend.

A very awkward shape to work with . . . . but it seemed to work well for recording notes and a quick scribble at a prayer meeting. And it is small enough to fit in any pocket or purse.

Even the palette is from leftovers . . . . An empty first-aid kit filled with extra pans of watercolors I wasn't using. Two Koi waterbrushes and a flat bit of sponge also fit inside.


  1. BRAVO to you on all the recycling/upcyling! Nicely done!

    I love the shape of the long red one! Currently that's my favorite shape to work in. I love the challenges of "finding/seeing" subject matter that works well with the format. Once you start to "see" it, it's quite fun!

  2. It is challenging, but your comment has changed my perspective . . . now it's a more positive challenge! Thanks!


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