11 December 2010

Visual Journal in old planner

Life has been busy lately . . . normal for this season's preparations. I haven't had much sketching time. This journal spread was from Wednesday's prayer meeting, but I hadn't had time to post it.

Lately it seems easier to carry my sketch journal inside this old Franklin-Covey planner cover than to carry a purse. There are pockets to tuck an ID, credit card etc. I can just slide my current journal into the pocket where the calendar section used to go.

The watercolor palette is an idea borrowed from Cathy 'Kate' Johnson --- a Neocolor II watercolor crayon tin, spray-painted inside with white enamel, and outfitted with the basics. My tin is a bit larger than Kate's, having come with 15 crayons instead of 10. But it still fits in the back zipper pocket of the planner cover.

The WC pans are attached with rubber cement; if I wished to, they could be removed and the WC crayons put back in --- painting the inside cover white makes a handy mixing area for them as well.

You can see more on Kate's tin by clicking on the following links:
outside tin
attaching WC pans with rubber cement
an early assembling of tools

For more on my using this old planner cover, you can click here.


  1. Great sketch!! And the color is very nice, subtle! Well done. I did make one of these with an old organizer, but I gave up on it as it was too big and too heavy. If I see a smaller one, I may give it a try again because it does seem like it would have been convenient!

  2. Thanks, Raena! This organizer, though made of real leather, is very light-weight. And the ring-binder part just slipped out of a pocket easily.


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