02 December 2010

new journal

I really should be working on Christmas sewing projects, but a new sketchbook was calling . . . . As usual, I first do some kind of illustration of my current palette. These are the most basic tools I use.

(Yeah, I was using water and paint on our upholstered footstool without any protection underneath. My kids would have been SO in trouble for this.) ;^D

Following Liz / Borromini's idea, I'm going to try doing light preliminary sketches with red lead instead of graphite. As soon as I find red lead for this mechanical pencil, that is. Until then, I am using a red Col-Erase pencil made by Prismacolor.

Another trick learned from Liz: that paper with heavy grid lines --- even with this 140 lb. paper, I can faintly see the lines through the paper, making it easier to write in straight lines. Thanks, Liz!

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