18 July 2011

sketchcrawl, 16 July 2011

Saturday, we drove to Kate's monthly sketchcrawl in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Heat & humidity made us look for somewhere inside --- The Elms was crowded with another event, so it was back to the Hall of Waters, one of our favorite spots.

This is one of the motifs on the elevator doors, though they are much darker in person. I love this lion motif. I like how Kate made drips on hers --- I want to work "splashier" so I tried it too. It definitely has felt HOT enough to melt the gold!

Excelsior Springs was in the humid 90s; Kansas has been in the mid 100s for several weeks. In fact, it was striking how brown & dead things looked when we left home and how green & lush Missouri looked.

 While waiting for others to arrive, I did a quick watercolor sketch of some purple coneflowers growing nearby.

Once inside, I sketched these old gauges from a display case in the sunny water-bar room . . . . then soon moved into the atrium where it was cooler.The old tiles in this Art Deco building are gorgeous, but I wish I hadn't added the edge around them --- keeping it more graphic. Someday I will learn to stop before I think I'm done --- I tend to add too much.


  1. Thanks, Ophelia! The Hall of Waters is full of interesting subjects.


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