06 August 2018


A while back, I had jotted down this little bit from a study of the book of Jeremiah. The verse is from the Bible version I most often read, the International Standard Version, but the notes following the verse is from the NET Bible. Both translations are available as digital Bibles only — I have both downloaded in my Olive Tree Bible Study app, which I’ve used since my PDA of long ago. The advantage of these Bible versions being in digital form is that they are periodically updated as new discoveries in translation are made (such as the Dead Sea Scrolls). The NET Bible is full of archeological or cultural notes, which I love!

Anyway, as long as almonds were mentioned in the verse, I decided to sketch an almond branch or two, from online sources. As I was snacking on almonds . . .

I was also trying out the De Atramentis Document purple ink I just filled my dark lilac Lamy Safari fountain pen with. I like its subtlety under the watercolor wash!


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