11 July 2018

kitten whiskers

Though we fed Scottie from a low-rimmed dish, he was only tasting a bite or two before running off to play. He had been given vaccinations on Friday so at first we thought his appetite might have been affected for a day or two. But he continued to not eat as much as his energetic activity needed. I found that if I placed some kibble on the floor, he’d eat it . . . one at a time as I put it before him. He’d still rather play than take time to eat! Bill commented that he had extraordinarily long whiskers — so maybe he wasn’t eating much due to whisker fatigue? (Cats with very sensitive whiskers don’t like their whiskers touching the sides of a dish.) So I pulled out this tiny flat saucer that our daughter-in-law gave us and tried feeding him on it — Success!

Scottie played hard with one of Bardie’s crocheted toys, then snuggled it as he went to sleep.

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