28 July 2017

testing C-M-Y color palettes

I'm working on small sketches to be printed into note cards or small prints to sell at a local event in October. There will be a small selection of note cards and prints, printed off the original sketches. Since printers use cyan - magenta - yellow primary colors, I thought I would try making a working palette of the same.

Years ago, I purchased some extra paints from Daniel Smith, from a collection they called a "color map" mixing set that is based on the cyan - magenta - yellow triad. I added buff titanium and a mixed gray to round it out. This mixed gray is made up of quinacridone burnt orange and ultramarine blue, squeezed into and stirred in a pan with a toothpick, then allowed to dry.

The other set is based loosely on Russell Stutler's palette, which contains C-M-Y colors as well as the R-G-B colors used in light production. Some of his choices are discontinued; I used the same pigments in my existing supplies.

I'm thinking the first set is a bit more vibrant; what do you think?

Bardie watched most of the process, then tried to straighten up the paper as I took this photo. Or was he trying to eat the paper? That's him in the lower right corner.

"Who, me?"

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