24 July 2017

eating out with friends

After a very good dinner with friends at a Chinese restaurant in College Station, Bill and Gary bought some Mochi, a Japanese dessert I had never heard of. So I drew the green tea version (Bill had the strawberry one), adding watercolor later at home. I used a Kuretake brush pen filled with de Atramentis document brown ink for the lines.


  1. I had to google mochi ice cream. It sounds very interesting!
    Patience is a very difficult thing to learn. I always enjoy your notes.

    1. I didn't try the dessert since it is made with rice and I'm trying to avoid grain, but it sure looked good!
      We all laughed when Pastor Gary opened his fortune cookie . . . and inside was an encouragement to be patient! Right after preaching on patience last Sunday. (Ya think Someone is trying to get his attention?)


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