30 November 2014

waiting . . .

Not a good way to treat a visiting mother. But we do what we can.

My mother flew here from Kansas for Thanksgiving --- the first Bill and I cooked for many years. We've been having a wonderful visit up till early Saturday am. Toured the BlueBell factory, walked the gardens of the Rose Emporium, and even visited Stephen F. Austin University in Nacagdoches. 

But fluids were slowly building up in her lungs, which are compromised by chronic asthma. So she's now in the local hospital for breathing treatments and an iv drip to get rid of the fluid.

Of course, sleeping in the presence of a sketcher can be dangerous --- but I think it's safe to just draw her hand.


  1. I hope that everything will evolve well and your mom could return to his habitual life in a some days. I will have your mom in my prayers.


  2. Thank you so much, Margarita! God is answering those prayers and my mother is doing much better. She will probably be released from the hospital today and fly to her home Friday, giving us a couple more days to spend together.


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