24 November 2014

breaking in a new toy

I found an unexpected treasure in Bellville, TX last week. We arrived in town too early (as per usual) for my appointment at the local hospital. I was pre-registering for cataract surgery the first week of December.

Anyway, we wandered around the old historic downtown buildings ___too bad the charm is ruined by the UGLY courthouse___ and found a small leather shop by the lovely smell.

Among the interesting items for sale were a large number of handmade items with cow horn or exotic wood handles. And among these was this fountain pen with a flexible split nib! Bill told me to buy it . . . and it didn't take me long to say yes. 

Suzi, the leatherworker, generously gave me a pack of refills along with the converter. They also sell antiques & collectables, furniture, and gifts as well as the leather goods. We will definitely be back!


  1. Beautiful pen! Sounds like a great shop. So good to see your blog, since you left Flickr.
    Miz Dee

  2. Hello, Miz Dee! How are you?
    I have missed you SO MUCH since leaving Flickr, but my eyes just couldn't handle the new Flickr. I'm having cataract surgery next week and the week following; that may fix my problems but the new Flickr loads too slow for my internet now anyway.
    I moved away from El Dorado, KS and now live in central Texas --- which means I can no longer see Warren on sketchcrawls, but I keep up on his posts on Facebook in case he mentions you.
    Be richly blessed, dear lady!

  3. Oh that is awesome!!! Love your sketch! Are you in Kansas?

    1. I am from Kansas (Wichita, El Dorado) but we moved to central Texas almost two years ago when my husband retired.


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