16 November 2014

Native American Championship PowWow, Houston

Yesterday I met up with some of the Urban Sketchers Texas group at Trader's Village in Houston, where the Native American Championship PowWow was taking place.

It was great meeting Judith, Anita, and Brian; I've been missing sketch-time with others since moving here.

The first 2-page spread was done on sight, though it was VERY damp and chilly! I had lightly drawn a bit of the second page with a blue-gray pencil but didn't finish it up until later at home.

The upper left butterfly was from the day before, a dead Gulf Fritillary found on our walk. Didn't survive this unusual cold snap.


  1. Oh, it reminds me old good times, when I was a girl and we camped in a scout camp, living in an Indian tee-pee I helped to sew on my mother's sewing-machine! It was fun! Nice to see, that the traditions are still live!! What the word Pow Wow means? Maybe something like meeting? Love your sketches! The tee-pee, native people, butterfly... Just beautiful!!
    I just think and wait the day, maybe you could make a book of your sketches, I think, I believe, people would like to buy it... ! I would!!

  2. What fun, to camp out in a real teepee!

    "PowWow" is a native American ceremony of singing, feasting, and dancing. There are large populations of native Americans in this part of the country, especially in Oklahoma, the state just north of Texas.

    I don't have the money needed to self-publish my sketches, but some of my stuff will be in Cathy Johnson's new book she is currently writing. I am also one of the artists in her last book "Artist's Journal Workshop".

  3. It sounds interesting! When we were children, we played that we are Indians, they were heroes for us. We read books from Karl May - did you too?
    I am happy to have the book "Artist's Journal Workshop", my daughter had bought it for me in London. It is wonderful book! So I am glad to hear that another book is being prepared, which I will love! Yes, the question of money is the same here, it is rather expensive to publish some book. So I am grateful for internet and thank you for sharing your life and work!!
    God bless you, Vicky!

  4. No, I haven't heard of Karl May books before. Sadly, American Indians have not been treated well in our nation's history; in some states they are still treated as somehow "less than". Maybe that's one reason I enjoyed the PowWow . . . . seeing these Indians treated with respect. I also loved that they honored Jesus Christ in their blessing the ground and asking God's blessing and protection over the event. Our shared love of our Lord is so unifying!

    Kate's new book is on sketching on-site. She's very busy writing it now and there are at least 20 of us invited to share art in it.


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