26 December 2013

more apartment sketching

Still sketching bits of this apartment building when I find a bit of time . . . . things to remember when we leave it behind.

Originally the 1920 building had 4 one-bedroom apartments. We opened the 2 downstairs apartments into one large three-bedroom unit, removing a bearing wall between 2 dining rooms to create a large country kitchen in that space (plus an additional side room that has been an office & studio).

Where there had formerly been a doorway into a teeny kitchen, Bill built this oak sideboard --- the glass doors above hold glass from his grandmother's farmhouse. The former kitchen space is now a large walk-in pantry.

This table and chair set has been in the family 4 generations; we are giving it to our youngest son now as it will not fit in our new cabin. It has 6 chairs and 4 table leaves, held in their own oak crate.


  1. Hi, Vicky, I like your home much! Can´t imagine moving myself, but as I´m reading your news, I am sure you can create new cosy home in your new place of living... It´s rather strange for me to see how you sort out your things and are able to have less, and leave them. You are blessed to be able to do it! We are not used to move often in my country... I wish I was able to sort all my things and get rid of them like you!! Wish you a peaceful time in these days!

    1. Jana, we have many memories attached to so much of our "stuff" --- much of it has been handed down from Bill's family. But it also feels very freeing to reduce the amount of stuff we own. We raised our family of 4 kids in a larger house and had to reduce much of our household things when we moved to this apartment building. The new house is even smaller than this apartment.

      We do feel very blessed to have had whatever furnishings were needed at each stage of our lives. But we are both ready to simplify and live "smaller".

      I no longer have a Flickr account, so I am unable to comment on your site. But I am always amazed at the art work you do. Fabulous sketching! What country do you live in? I may have known at one time but I forget.

    2. Oh, Vicky! Thank you so much! Your comment is very precious to me!
      Yes, and I live in Slovakia, it´s here: www.slovakia.org/sk-location.htm
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life!


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