14 December 2013

comparing water-soluble inks

Recently I went through my art supplies with an even more critical eye, reducing them to "essentials". The cabin we bought is very small; I will have a "studio" upstairs in the loft but not a lot of room for extras.

On these pages of my art journal, I compared my Noodler's inks that are water-soluble -- meaning they "bleed" when watercolor is later applied. One is "la couleur royale" (purple) and one is red-black. I thought I would give at least one of them away . . . . but I still like the effects so I'll be keeping both. So much for lightening my load! (click on picture to enlarge)

This vintage Prang watercolor tin is refilled with artists' pigments and holds some travel brushes and a wee sponge. Very lightweight for a metal paint box and fits easily in my bag.


  1. Hi, Vicky,
    nice sketches and thoughts!
    wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

  2. Hard to part with things and to decide what to take and leave . I left three things behind I wish I had brought. And brought something's we had to sell here. Go figure. Can't replace the items left behind either. So think carefully. :)

  3. Hello, Jana and Cris --- a blessed Christmas to you both!
    I have been very careful in sorting art supplies to take or not . . . . Hope I'm choosing well! But if not, there are great art supply shops in Houston or Austin --- something we have none of in this part of Kansas.

  4. Hello, Vicky =] I've been enjoying looking at your sketches. What book is it that you're using in this post?

  5. Thank you! This book is the hard-bound Stillman & Bern Beta series sketchbook --- excellent for watercolor and takes ink well also!


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