22 April 2013

Saturday's sketchcrawl

On Saturday we drove to Kansas City, meeting friends for a sketchcrawl at the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center. Lots of areas to sketch, inside and out, but the wind still has a cold nip to it. (Goodness! They are predicting snow again in parts of Kansas this week! Will Spring ever get here?) This tableau was set up inside.

After doing very little sketching for over three weeks, I played a bit with my newest palette to get back into it. At first, I had filled this palette with as many colors as would fit --- now I've reduced them to some essential pigments, leaving room for some brushes. Surprisingly, my fat # 12 travel brush fits!


  1. Wow... so, the sketchcrawl was out in nature, rather than buildings? I would love to participate in one some day... I don't know if they have them on Long Island, but I assume they might... great work!

  2. No, this tableau was set up _inside_ a building. Only one sketcher braved the outdoor chill to sketch outside. The nature center has a large area outside but it was cold; inside are several arrangements like the one I sketched, along with taxidermy wildlife and live reptiles. Sometimes we sketch each other instead (that's what Kate did this time).

    Our sketchcrawls are very informal, meeting in a variety of places: a historic hotel, eating places, or downtown-Excelsior Springs shops (where Kate lives), parks, nature trails, and waterfalls in the area -- or sometimes we all meet at Kansas City museums, water fountains, Bass Pro shop (more taxidermy animals), etc. Once a month, Kate usually emails everyone the time and place to meet. Not everyone is able to make it every month.

    Bill and I drive around 200 miles to Excelsior Springs, a bit less to K.C. Not really local, but it's a nice get-away for us. He is not a sketcher and reads instead; he requested that we plan to celebrate our wedding anniversary next month the same weekend as sketchcrawl, staying in The Elms hotel that we have sketched so often. Sweet guy!

  3. Awww, indeed he is. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary!


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