27 February 2013

New art journal

A bit slow at getting started though . . . . I've had a bit of "artist's block" lately. Started several sketches but didn't finish them right away. I've spent more time reading or looking out at the snow. We received 21" in the last week!

Anyway, this is the inside cover of the journal I just began, with my favorite palettes and brushes.


  1. Starting a new journal can be amazing, even if you've done many already. A new, fresh breath, tons of open pages just awaiting to be created in... a wonderful start! :)

  2. New journals are sort of like that first day of school as children . . . everything new and full of possibility! Too "bad" I'm currently busy with grandchild, huh? A wee bit of distraction, they are for sure.

  3. Well... you *could* deviate slightly from your norm, and incorporate some of the grandchild's art into your own journal. Just an idea ;)

  4. I do intend to do some art / sketchbook time with Jayna . . . the trick is finding time when both toddlers are asleep so they won't be interrupting! They'd rather eat the paints or use them elsewhere. Not quite ready for drawing and painting with me yet, like the older 3 grandchildren do.

    Jayna also wants me to do a sketch she can keep and take to school -- I only brought a bound sketchbook, so I need to go to Michael's before picking her up at school today.


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