11 February 2013

last journal pages

Lots of people know I begin each of my artist's journals with some kind of illustration of my palette. Lately, I have used the last page as a place to collect memorable quotes or thoughts. These are usually gathered over a period of time, so they are generally scattered in a hap-hazard fashion.


  1. LOL, here I am, listing ideas on my blog to get people STARTED with an art journal, and you're ending another one! :) Tomorrow is my one year anniversary from the day I bouhht and began my 1st journal, and I'm not done yet, but I really and truly love creating in it... It is both freeing and expressive, and I am so grateful that I found art journaling :)

  2. I had planned on ending this journal December 31st . . . then kept procrastinating due to lack of inspiration!

    Congratulations on your year of art journaling! It's a great way to celebrate your "everyday" moments.


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