27 February 2013

Grandma's china . . . sketched for Liz

Grandma didn't have many nice things as she raised her family, took care of her aging mother-in-law, then took on my mom, brother, and me after my parents' divorce.

Later in life, Grandpa bought her this set of china. I've had it for several years and never used it --- I prefer Fiestaware. But our 2nd granddaughter LOVES frilly, dainty, girly stuff --- I'm sending the set to Texas for her to save for when she grows up.

Being a REAL tea cup and saucer, not the mugs I usually drink tea from, I decided to draw this one in the same fashion that Liz / Borromini Bear has been doing lately -- I used a water-soluble pencil for light guidelines and then straight watercolor.


  1. This china cup is beautiful. I am amazed at the detail that you can achieve. Watercolor is a wonderful medium, and you make me want to learn more and more about it! Keep it up, your work is very inspiring :)

  2. Thank you! What looks like detail here is actually very loose brush marks (and pencil marks for the gray parts), but our mind's eye tricks us into seeing fine detail that is not necessarily there on paper.

  3. Gotcha :) But my mind's eye is NOT tricking me into seeing your talent... it's God given, fantastic, and very real! :)

  4. Thank you (*blush*) . . . it's definitely from God!


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