25 February 2012

a study in grays

This week in the watercolor class I'm taking on Thursday evenings, we practiced mixing grays. So many varieties of gray out there! I tried mixing each blend "50/50", then mixing a cooler and a warmer version. The addition of a bit of yellow ochre made more of an antique brass.

After mixing our colors, we chose one or two metal objects to use them in -- it was really more about learning to actually SEE what we are looking at. Different metals are different shades of gray -- break that down into shapes and it's easier to capture the shine and shadow.

I chose to paint this antique stapler (I so want one!) --- The top was a different metal than the body and much shinier.  I love how it slices and folds a bit of paper, tucking the sliced piece into a slot. No staples needed!


  1. Color is facinating.. A color not always what you THINK it is. Good idea to study it like this.
    Older equiptment is so cool. They may new and improve things but they take the heart out of them.

  2. I like how you put it: taking the heart out of it. Well said!

  3. Interesting. I usually mix my grays with the primary colors. I'll have to try the blues and burnt umber. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love that we have so many options to get the colors we want! Mixing grays with primary colors sounds a bit challenging to me --- I might have to try that.


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