24 February 2012

am I a pen-a-holic?

It's beginning to look like it. So many varieties of putting line to paper! And owning more than one fountain pen? One for each of my favorite color inks, of course!

I just bought a small Acer notebook as a back-up computer, to use when traveling or for when my regular laptop may need repair. Uploading this photo is my testing the newer Windows Live Photo Gallery for cropping, adjusting light levels, etc.

Without a CD drive, I wasn't sure about installing my camera -- what a relief to find that when I plugged it in, it automatically searched for the right driver!

Next step: trying to find a driver to install my older version of Quicken, which I use for our church's financial records as well as our own.


  1. Your drawings are so real. I feel like I could just put up one of those pens and start using it. With your talent you deserve them all. :)) Good deal on getting a back up for your lap top and one easier to travel with. Sounds like a nice one.

  2. Oh, you could so enable me to buy more!!! Thank you for the compliment -- Actually, I think I'm done for a long while. Trying to keep things simple.

    The mini-sized notebook is working out very well. Still haven't resolved the Quicken issue, but I'm dealing with a 2004 version, which is not technically supported by Windows 7. May have to talk to the church about an upgrade, since I can no longer print reports (I've been writing them out longhand).

  3. love it! You can never have enough pens! which one's your favorite?

  4. My favorite is the red Lamy, which was a gift from a very special son. It probably writes the smoothest from being used the most.


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