22 February 2012

blame it on my laptop

I did not need another purse. I went to Wichita because my computer's screen was black and re-booting would not bring it back. The office store I first took it to for a free diagnosis said it needed a new mother-board, $100.

Thank God, the second place I took it (Best Buy) knew a bit more about it . . . . the "geek squad" lady kindly asked if I had tried resetting it. HUH? I didn't even know about that. She plugged it in, removed the battery, and turned it on. Works perfectly.

If computers came with user manuals, I probably would have known about that. I just never bothered to look up the on-line version.

So I went out and bought this bag (only $16) instead of an expensive repair. Made sense to me. And of course I chose one that would hold my journal and sketching supplies --- my red Lamy is in the front pocket, ready to grab.

(Oddly, this is the exact same paper as the two previous sketches . . . sometimes it photographs browner than other times. Weird.)


  1. Your work is truly amazing. That purse looks so real. And yes I agree.. WHY DONT laptops come with a manual you can hold?? When its not working how are you to supposed to READ it on line? groan. And what a deal... It only cost you 16 bucks for the purse and some gas to fix it. :))

  2. EXACTLY!!! When it's the only computer I own, how do I read an online manual if it's not working? For almost a year I kept my old one as a back-up but gave it to our son-in-law when his computer crashed.


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